Communication agencies Kaiku Helsinki and Cocomms are now Kaiku – ”A local communications expert with a global mindset”

The new Kaiku Group is now able to support its international customers with an even wider range of capabilities and services.

Author: Kaiku 22.05.2022

In May 2021, Finnish PR & communications agencies Cocomms and Kaiku Helsinki decided to join forces and create the #1 Agency in Finland which will make its clients relevant and impactful and guide them through changes.


Cocomms and Kaiku Helsinki will together form the Kaiku Group. The Finnish word kaiku means echo in English and reflects the company's business idea of impactful communications.


Kaiku Group is one of the leading independent communications agencies in Finland with its turnover of EUR 6 million and its headcount of 50. Services cover everything from Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Strategic Communications to Brand Building. Impactful communications stems from a thorough understanding of stakeholders, based on surveys and service design.


”We strongly believe that during times of change, human-centered companies are the ones that will be successful. This means open and honest communications, sustainable action, and influencing decision-making in society. For our international customers, we are a local communications expert with a global mindset,” says Kaiku’s Head of International Business, Mrs Kaija Pohjala.


Communications makes meaningful work visible


Pauli Aalto-Setälä, who started as Kaiku's Chairman of the Board in February, believes that organizations will need good communication skills in these times of crises.


In Finland, Aalto-Setälä is extremely well-known, a seasoned media executive and communications professional. He began his career as a journalist in war zones, has served three times as editor-in-chief and has managed media and marketing companies in Finland and around the world for 25 years.


“Once people’s minds are anchored in a crisis, it’s no wonder if work engagement and enthusiasm are lost. In this situation, renewal, creativity, and well-being are the forces that help us move forward again. With skilful communication, we can reduce the burden of external turbulence. Communication makes meaningful work visible,” says Aalto-Setälä.

Communications agency Kaiku

  • Services: impactful communication in Finland and internationally, brand and visual design, communication surveys and service design, Public Affairs, sustainability communications, healthcare and wellbeing communications, communications training, and coaching
  • CEO Pete Saarnivaara
  • Partners Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Kimmo Kuokka, Ville Lehtovirta, Jouko Marttila, Kaija Pohjala, Pete Saarnivaara, Salla Syrman, Markku Vänskä
  • Turnover about EUR 6 million in 2021.

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